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What languages are spoken where?

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How quickly can work be turned around?

This depends on the number of words and the language combination. As a general rule, if the translation is straightforward requiring little or no research then up to 2000 words can be translated in one day. This can be faster for certain language combinations, such as French or German to English. The team at 24/7 always strive to deliver work in the fastest possible time without compromising quality.

What information should I give when making an order?

In order for us to do the best job possible, it is helpful to receive as much information as possible about your project, such as any specific in-house jargon, background information and the anticipated target audience e.g. Is this for information only or will it be published?

What are CAT tools?

A CAT tool (computer assisted translation) is a type of software that many translators use to increase their productivity by utilising a combination of translation memory, terminology tools and software localisation.

Do you use machine translation?

No, never! Machine translation is intended for very basic understanding of a text which is offered free of charge on many websites. Professional translation is entirely different and requires the human brain which thankfully, cannot be replaced by the computer just yet.

Will my translation need editing?

Possibly. As translators, it is our job to render the document faithfully into the target language. We strive to strike a balance between staying faithful to the original text and making the translation sound natural. But this does not extend to copywriting, which is an entirely different process. Often, the end user will want to embellish the final result in order to comply with their own personal preferences and add extra information that was not in the original text. This is all perfectly fine but it does not fall within the remit of the translator.

What are your invoicing terms?

We invoice our corporate clients and payment must be made in full within 30 days. Regular clients can open an account with us and will therefore be invoiced on a monthly basis.

What types of files can be sent for translation?

We deal with all types of MS Office files, PDFs, JPGs and all other image files. Please contact us for further information.

Do you provide interpreting services?

No, we deal exclusively with translation work but we can recommend interpreters for you.

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